A Visual and Historical Record of Synagogues from Around the World - 360° panoramas of Jewish Culture


Welcome to Synagogues 360

Synagogues360 brings you a unique visual and historical experience of synagogues across North America, Europe and Asia from small, remote villages to cosmopolitan cities. On our journey we have had the privilege not only of witnessing outstanding examples of synagogue architecture, but also hearing the stories of many of these synagogues and their communities from local residents and curators.

A synagogue (Hebrew: בית כנסת ‎beit knesset, "house of assembly"; Yiddish: שול, shul; Ladino: אסנוגה, esnoga) is a Jewish house of worship, assembly and study. According to the Bible, the first Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was completed in 957 BCE. Since then Jewish communities throughout the world have built synagogues.

Each is an expression of the culture, artistic values and architectural technology of its era. Time, war, anti-Semitism and shifting population have caused the destruction or changed the use of these houses of worship.

This website preserves these unique historical legacies and presents them in 360 degree panoramic, interactive photos.

Louis DavidsonThe official Synagogues360 Blog gives you insight into the back stories of Synagogues 360 as told by photographer Louis Davidson.